All questions or issues please see the FAQ Below: (Will be constantly updated)

Q: If I lose my coins are you going to replace them?

A: No, just with any cryptocurrency, your coins are your responsibility. Guccione coin is no different. It is recommended that users of Guccione coin take measures to protect their coins and prevent loss of them. For example: making back-ups of your wallet

Q: My wallet won’t synch?

A: Please try again later. Whilst the Guccione team have worked extensively to deliver a well functioning altcoin, there may still be a small chance you will have some difficulties. Please note this coin is still in beta mode. If you are receiving this issue persistently please post it in the thread so a member of the community or the Guccione team will be able to assist you.[/b]

Q: I want a Mac wallet?

A: For now, mac wallets are something the Guccione team are considering for the distant future and we currently have no plans to introduce a mac wallet in the foreseeable future. However if you would like to make one for yourself please go ahead. Please feel free to share it with the community too.

Q: Will the Guccione team be offering any bounties to community members?

A: The guccione team plans to handle everything as a team as we have team members dedicated to all aspects of managing the coin and its development, however if you want to help out you could join the team, (see below). Although if you have any suggestions for the team or would like to post something helpful to the community feel free.

Q: I want to join the GuccioneCoin Team?

A: Awesome!! Please leave a detailed description regarding what your motives are and true intentions. Include your username along with real name with references in Crypto, where your from along with all contact information. We thoroughly vet anyone joining our team and we do not disclose how we come to our decisions nor are we obligated to get back to you. You must be over 18 years old and be able to provide identification to prove it. We welcome everyone.

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